Bonding with my Body Blade – Success Stories


My coach and friend Terry Bahat  works marvels. I managed for the first time to walk up the ramps to get to my seat at the footy. I have not managed it for four years. I managed to do it without stopping and starting but also at a relatively good speed to.   Body Blade increased my fitness levels lots.  So Thanks Terry for making me walk up and down hills backwards.

Lynne Hodgson

A winning combination of strength / core practice, body & mind resilience and f-u-n, all in fresh air, sky, grass .. I love  ‘ bonding ‘ with my Body Blade…


Love. The rain as I choose Bodyblade first rather than run and get wet!

Lia Zalums

Hi Terry. Every single day, when I activate my Body Blade, I thank you for introducing it to me. As a full time dentist, I need my body to function optimally, especially the upper body / hands. This Body Blade is helping to develop great, toned arms, shaped my abs, and…. as a bonus, I even lost several Kg. Am inclosing a photo of me, happily , ‘ bonding ‘ with this magical, fun tool. Thanks so much again…Terry.

Dr. Sigal Jacobson