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Winter Fitness


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Wellness Mission Possible

A guest article of mine on Natural Beauty Expert - http://naturalbeautyexpert.com.au/ Wellness Mission. Possible !!!

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My Purple Gym – Pure Inspiration – Video

  Health & Fitness  Outdoor...  Fresh air, sky, grass,  swans, ducks and birds for company The ideal place  for mind & body rejuvenation.

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Introducing women to themselves – video

  Introducing women to themselves is so much more enjoyable and effective outdoors, in a park, in fresh air, sky and grass... .and if we're lucky, swans and ducks for company.... Mind / Body Fitness.... To your health - because there is nothing more important .....

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Life is a Present – Video

  Life is a Present ....take every opportunity to Celebrate it. Time is irreplaceable . We can replace physical things, like a house, car, money. However, Time - once it's gone - it's gone. So don't let another day, another week, another month, another year go by without , seriously, deciding to be [...]

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Healthier, Fitter, Sexier for Summer and Beyond

A guest article of mine on Natural Beauty Expert - http://naturalbeautyexpert.com.au/ Healthier, Fitter, Sexier for Summer and Beyond

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Positive Body Image

A guest article of mine on Natural Beauty Expert - http://naturalbeautyexpert.com.au/ BODY IMAGE IS HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR OR WHEN YOU PICTURE YOURSELF IN YOUR MIND

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Stretch and live longer

My latest article Published in The Leader newspaper - April 2015

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3 Keys to Good Health, More Energy and Self – Confidence

Parallels between Body & Biz Fitness You may have seen her: the strong, well-built, self-assured business leader strutting onto the stage to deliver a dynamic keynote to a packed conference hall. Beneath that well-cut suit is a woman who clearly works out. Why is it that many of the people who lead top companies appear [...]


Are you afraid of losing weight?

If you've tried everything to lose weight, it my be that your unconscious fears are holding you back. Terry Bahat explains the eight common fears of losing weight and what you can do about them. Download the full article here.

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