Trainer Draws Military Experience Leader Newspaper 12-4-2016

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7 Habits of People Who Age Well

A guest article of mine on Natural Beauty Expert - 7 Habits of People who age well

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Winter Fitness


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My Purple Gym – Pure Inspiration – Video

  Health & Fitness  Outdoor...  Fresh air, sky, grass,  swans, ducks and birds for company The ideal place  for mind & body rejuvenation.

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Introducing women to themselves – video

  Introducing women to themselves is so much more enjoyable and effective outdoors, in a park, in fresh air, sky and grass... .and if we're lucky, swans and ducks for company.... Mind / Body Fitness.... To your health - because there is nothing more important .....

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Life is a Present – Video

  Life is a Present ....take every opportunity to Celebrate it. Time is irreplaceable . We can replace physical things, like a house, car, money. However, Time - once it's gone - it's gone. So don't let another day, another week, another month, another year go by without , seriously, deciding to be [...]

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Stretch and live longer

My latest article Published in The Leader newspaper - April 2015

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